Christ Embassy’s Chris Oyakhilome and Zimbabwe

A Nigerian minister named Chris Oyakhilome founded Christ

Embassy, a Christian ministry that focuses on Bible-based teachings located in

Lagos, as a way to perform ministry outreach in multiple parts of the world. This

ministry has grown to be at various locations across the world and throughout 50

different countries. Recently, Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy hosted a

sensational event in Zimbabwe as a way to bring the country closer together.

Specific Information about

Man stands between boulders on summit, arms out

Pastor Chris

Chris Oyakhilome has two daughters named Sharon and Charlane

from his previous marriage to Rev. Anita Ebhodaghe, whom he married in 1991 and

divorced in 2014. During his time being married to Ebhodaghe, Oyakhilome

founded and raised Christ Embassy as an attempt to perform outreach across the

world. This group has grown in spite of the divorce. He was born on December 7.

Christ Embassy’s

Ministry and Theology

Christ Embassy works to bring people together through the

Bible’s teachings. It has been a labor of love for Chris Oyakhilome, which is

apparent in every facet of how Christ Embassy operates. Several branches exist

within Christ Embassy to perform ministry outreach in various ways. The

following branches, and more, are a part of Christ Embassy, including: Healing

School, Rhapsody of Realities, and Innercity Missions for Children. These

different sectors of Christ Embassy all have a particular focus as a means of

ministry outreach. Rhapsody of Realities, for example, issues daily devotionals

to countries all around the world and in over 143 languages. These devotionals

are available online for download, and they are often free or at a low cost.

Another example of the outreach this church performs is the Innercity Missions

for Children, where the philosophy is to treat every child as if they were a

person’s on. This part of Christ Embassy focuses on the fact that it takes a

village to raise a child properly.

About the Recent

Christ Embassy Event in Zimbabwe

Christ Embassy recently hosted an event in Zimbabwe with Pastor

Chris Oyakhilome in attendance, and it was a huge success in uniting people

across the country during its time of need. According to registered numbers, at

least 100,000 people attended the live event known as Worship and Communion

Miracle Services. However, these are only the numbers of those people who

registered. It does not include the numbers of thousands more people who

attended but did not register. Considering the event was given free of charge,

registering was not necessary to attend.

In order to secure a seat at the venue in a timely manner,

many people started to show up the night before just to have a comfortable

place to sit and to make sure that everyone in their party attending could sit

together. They were more than ready to enjoy what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had

to offer. For people who could not attend, there was also an option of watching

news coverage airing on local television stations. Therefore, in reality, even

more people witnessed the event across the country. Oyakhilome went on record

as stating that Zimbabwe is a special country, and he could foresee the Lord’s

presence everywhere.

In preparation for this event, and to help with calming

local worries under the plight the country faces, Zimbabwe’s branch of Christ

Embassy hosted prayer rallies. With all of this knowledge of the event

building, the 60,000-person venue easily filled to the brim, even with the

provisions that were made in effort for overflow sections. Still, people crowded

around for the event as closely as possible.

Tom Amenkhienan, a protégé of Oyakhilome, stated now is the

time for Zimbabwe to come together. In his eyes, the only way this feat can be

accomplished is under the guidance of Oyakhilome and the blessings be brings as

a man of God.


Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy have become powerful forces

in Zimbabwe in recent times. With this guidance in place, rumors have it that

the country will continue to unite under this banner and move toward happier

times. If the positive situation at current shows any forecast about the

situation into the future, then the current progress is only likely to

continue. Therefore, the people of Zimbabwe can move to a brighter future as

one unit.